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"A few weeks back my partner brought me to the Meat Haus to have lunch. A favorite luncheon spot of his. The chips was absolutely"

~ Angela Ruin | Purchasing Manager | NCS Holdings Limited

"Big shout out to Angela and all your team again for their excellent customer service. We were out of mozzarella cheese (mistak"

~ James Robinson | Executive Chef | Gateway Hotel

"On behalf of Air Niugini Flight Services we would like to pass our grati"

~ Thomas Tommo Molean | Executive Chef | Flight Services Department - Air Niugini

"Our sincere thanks for your outstanding service again. We were doing month end yesterday and also had a function for the manag"

~ James Robinson - Executive Chef, Coral Sea Hotel

"I like to say a big thank you to you and the team for the sausages. The event again was a great success. The taste was great and"

~ Mike Sceumann, Executive Chef - Holiday Inn
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Food Pro Bakery Products will sweeten any occasion. Food Pro are able to procure a wide range of bakery products to suit your catering requirements. Food Pro currently stock a number of Pies & Pastry, Breads, Buns, Scones & Cakes ready and available for delivery to customers. Information regarding the products we can supply are provided below. Those items which are currently in stock in Port Moresby, are stamped as Available.

For further information regarding our stock on hand items or procuring dairy products, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on the number above.

Pies & Pastry

Puff Pastry Roll 9kg
Puff Pastry Roll 9kgOur renowned handmade puff pastry, conveniently rolled to use on your bakery creations1 Roll per Ctn
Coconut Tarts
Coconut TartsLocal coconut is used to make the filling of this tart, with a drop of jam and encased in our 2" Bake haus pastry100 pcs per ctn
2” Caramel Chocolate Tarts
2” Caramel Chocolate TartsA crisp sweet pastry base with smooth caramel filling, topped up with chocolate truffle100 pcs per ctn
2” Sweet Pasty Cases
2” Sweet Pasty Cases2" Sweet pastry tart shells, perfect for your own fillings140 pcs per ctn
Apple Pies
Apple PiesFamily apple pies, delicious sweet pasty crust packed with real apple24 pcs per ctn
Mini Sausage Rolls
Mini Sausage RollsOur beef sausage rolls in a fun party size, perfect for your next function60 pcs per ctn
Image Coming Soon
Chicken Raw & Baked Sausage Rolls ChickenChicken sausage rolls with Meat Haus premium chicken and our popular puff pastry56 pcs per ctn
Image Coming Soon
Beef Raw & Baked Sausage RollsBeef sausage rolls with Meat Haus premium beef and our popular puff pastry60 pcs per ctn
Party Bacon & Egg Pies
Party Bacon & Egg PiesOur famous smoke bacon blended with egg to create the ultimate snack60 pcs per ctn
Party Mince & Cheese Pies
Party Mince & Cheese PiesMince and cheese, always a favorite60 pcs per ctn
Party Steak Bacon & Cheese Pies
Party Steak Bacon & Cheese PiesChunks of steak, blended with tasty cheese60 pcs per ctn
Party Mince Pie
Party Mince PiePlain mince party pie24 pcs per ctn
Chicken Curry Pie
Chicken Curry PieChicken curry, a classic we perfect24 pcs per ctn
Chicken & Mushroom Pie
Chicken & Mushroom PieButton mushrooms share the filling with our chicken in this pie24 pcs per ctn
Chicken & Vegetable Pie
Chicken & Vegetable PieOur chicken with vegetables and sauce24 pcs per ctn
Steak Curry Pie
Steak Curry PieAdd curry and 'presto' chunky steak pie just got even better24 pcs per ctn
Chicken Pie
Chicken PiePremium Meat Haus Chicken in our puff pastry24 pcs per ctn
Steak Pie
Steak PieNo frills no fuss, chunky steak pie anyone? 24 pcs per ctn
Steak Pea & Potato Top Pie
Steak Pea & Potato Top PiePotato top, now with peas....yes we made a classic even better24 pcs per ctn
Steak Potato top Pie
Steak Potato top PieA topping of freshly baked potato covers these chunky pieces of steak24 pcs per ctn
Steak & Kidney Pie
Steak & Kidney PieA marriage of steak & kidney encased i our puff pastry24 pcs per ctn
Steak & Vegetable Pie
Steak & Vegetable PieMixed local vegetables and steak chunks24 pcs per ctn
Steak, Bacon & Cheese Pie
Steak, Bacon & Cheese PieA favorite combination of bacon and cheese now with steak24 pcs per ctn
Steak & Mushroom Pie
Steak & Mushroom PieSteak & Mushroom in Mity Bake Haus Gravy24 pcs per ctn
Steak & Onion Pie
Steak & Onion PieChunky pieces of steak with a healthy helping of local onions, a classic combination24 pcs per ctn

Bread, Buns & Scones

Multigrain Sandwich Loaf
Multigrain Sandwich LoafFive different grains make this our signature product12 Loaves per Ctn
White Sandwich Loaf
White Sandwich LoafOur most popular sandwich loaf12 Loaves per Ctn
Sourdough Soul Bake Loaf
Sourdough Soul Bake LoafPerfect vienna style sourdough loaf5 pcs per ctn
Turkish Loaves
Turkish LoavesMiddle eastern-style bread perfect as a side dish with dips8 pcs per ctn
Rye Soul Bake Vienna Loaf
Rye Soul Bake Vienna LoafPerfect vienna style sourdough loaf5 pcs per ctn
Garlic Bread Single
Garlic Bread SingleRoom stable butter with fresh garlic, and a touch of parsley.8 pcs per ctn
Pizza Bases
Pizza BasesAdd your own toppings to our handmade pizza bases15 pcs per ctn
Ciabatta Loaves
Ciabatta LoavesItaly's light-textured bread. add your own garlic butter and serve with a meal6 pcs per ctn
Ciabatta Rolls
Ciabatta RollsItaly's light textured bread perfect for salad rolls 15 pcs per ctn
Turkish Pockets
Turkish PocketsMiddle eastern-style bread perfect for salad rolls18 pcs per ctn
Cookies Assorted
Cookies AssortedWe have 11 different fun flavors all hand baked. Hokie Pokey, Energy, Coconut, Anzac, Choc Chip, Lemon, Jam, Ginger, Cornflake, Cocopop & Peanut. 36 Pkt per Ctn (4 pcs per pkt)


Coconut Bread Slices
Coconut Bread SlicesSliced creamy coconut bread perfect with a latte100 slices per ctn (25x4 slices per pkt)
Banana Bread Slices
Banana Bread SlicesOur own secret recipe loaded with fresh bananas100 slices per ctn (25x4 slices per pkt)
Cup Cakes - Lemon
Cup Cakes - LemonA vanilla plain cupcake iced with our zingy lemon topping40 pcs per ctn
Cup Cakes - Vanilla Sponge
Cup Cakes - Vanilla SpongeYour simple plain cupcake, perfect to customize or enjoy its simple perfection60 pcs per ctn
Coconut Balls
Coconut BallsCoconut fudge balls, best sold chilled250 Pcs/ctn
Lamington Chocolate Creme Bar
Lamington Chocolate Creme Barhow to make a lamington more desirable, add mock cream. 9 Pcs per ctn
Lamington Chocolate Jumbo
Lamington Chocolate JumboThe almighty Lamington36 Pcs per ctn
Donut - Long Cream
Donut - Long CreamLong Donut filled with mock cream, topped with raspberry jam and rolled in icing sugar26 Pcs per ctn
Cake Slab - Peppermint Choc
Cake Slab - Peppermint ChocThe freshness of peppermint with a delicious choc flavour. Unbeatable.3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cake Slab—Choc & Orange
Cake Slab—Choc & OrangeA dessert classic, now in cake form3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cake Slab - Carrot Cake
Cake Slab - Carrot CakeA moist cake with walnuts, golden syrup, spices and finished with a cream cheese icing3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cake Slab - Coffee
Cake Slab - CoffeeGet your coffee fix right here, topped with fresh walnuts3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cake Slab - Choc & Banana
Cake Slab - Choc & BananaTwo of the classics combined3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cake Slab - Chocolate Brownie
Cake Slab - Chocolate BrownieSoft brownie with a crisp crust dusted with icing sugar3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Cheesecake Slab - Blueberry
Cheesecake Slab - BlueberryCheesecake topped up with fruity blueberries.3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Black Forest Slab
Black Forest SlabRich dark chocolate layered with a blend of Morello black cherries, kirsch and fresh cream. Topped with shavings of dark chocolate and maraschino cherries3 x Slabs (375x240mm)
Image Coming Soon
Sponge Slab - Plain VanillaThe plain sponge allows you to custom make additional toppings to your hearts content 3 Slabs (375x240mm)
Chocolate Gateaux Slab - Frozen
Chocolate Gateaux Slab - FrozenChocolate Gateaux with Choc Shards 3 x Slabs (375x240mm)

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