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"A few weeks back my partner brought me to the Meat Haus to have lunch. A favorite luncheon spot of his. The chips was absolutely"

~ Angela Ruin | Purchasing Manager | NCS Holdings Limited

"Big shout out to Angela and all your team again for their excellent customer service. We were out of mozzarella cheese (mistak"

~ James Robinson | Executive Chef | Gateway Hotel

"On behalf of Air Niugini Flight Services we would like to pass our grati"

~ Thomas Tommo Molean | Executive Chef | Flight Services Department - Air Niugini

"Our sincere thanks for your outstanding service again. We were doing month end yesterday and also had a function for the manag"

~ James Robinson - Executive Chef, Coral Sea Hotel

"I like to say a big thank you to you and the team for the sausages. The event again was a great success. The taste was great and"

~ Mike Sceumann, Executive Chef - Holiday Inn
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Food Pro are able to procure a wide range of meat products to suit your catering requirements. Food Pro currently stock a large variety of meat products ready and available for delivery to customers. More information on the products we can supply are provided below. Those items which are currently in stock in Port Moresby, are stamped as 'Available'. 

Additionally, Food Pro are now able to manufacture meat products to how you would like them, including slicing, dicing, mincing and vacuum packing.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team on the number above.


Beef Kidney
Beef KidneyVery cheap, kidney can be a tender and flavorful cut if prepared correctly. Beef Kidneys are large and perfect when braised over a long period to put in a stew or pie. Approx 20kg/Carton
Beef Blade (Clod)
Beef Blade (Clod)Blade steak is a relatively inexpensive cut of meat, a little tough but best prepared by braising. Approx 20kg/Carton
Topside (Whole or Diced)
Topside (Whole or Diced)Topside is a cheaper, leaner cut of beef, perfect for slow roasting.Approx 20kg/Carton.
Beef Silverside (Corned and/or Cooked)
Beef Silverside (Corned and/or Cooked)Silverside is a cut of beef from the hindquarter of cattle and is the cut of choice for making corned beef - which is quite tender with a delicious salty flavour. Approx 20kg/carton
Tenderloin Eye Fillet (Whole or Sliced)
Tenderloin Eye Fillet (Whole or Sliced)The tenderest cut of beef with a rich flavor.Approx 15kg - 20kg Carton
Beef T-Bone Steaks
Beef T-Bone SteaksLarge and contains meat from two of the most prized cuts of beef (the short loin and the tenderloin).Approx 20kg/Carton. Please advise thickness required.
Beef Scotch Fillet - Cube Roll (Whole or Steaks)
Beef Scotch Fillet - Cube Roll (Whole or Steaks)Well marbled making it the ultimate in flavour with a little more fat then other cuts of meat.Approx 17kg/Carton and Approx 20kg/Carton
Beef Porterhouse Striploin (Whole, Steaks or Strips)
Beef Porterhouse Striploin (Whole, Steaks or Strips)Particularly tender, large portions and the most commonly served steaks in hotels and restaurants.Approx 22kg/Carton
Beef Rump (Whole, Steaks or Strips)
Beef Rump (Whole, Steaks or Strips)The best value cut of meat, with a meaty flavour. Approx 20kg/Carton
Beef Steak Mince
Beef Steak Mince85% CL product - ideal for burger patties, bolognaise and pies4x5kg/Carton


Diced Lamb
Diced LambThis diced leg of lamb lends outstanding flavour to stews or casseroles. Minimum 20kg
Lamb Leg (Chump On or Chump Off)
Lamb Leg (Chump On or Chump Off)The chump is where the loin meets the leg and can be left on. Smother in classic companions, garlic and rosemary, for a fantastic flavoured roast.Approx 17kg/Carton
Lamb Racks (Cap On or Cap Off or French Cut)
Lamb Racks (Cap On or Cap Off or French Cut)A rack of lamb is a real showstopper. Tell us how you would like it prepared (cap off or french trimmed) and we will do the hard work for you. Approx 15kg/Carton
Lamb Shoulder Chops
Lamb Shoulder ChopsLamb shoulder chops can be quickly cooked and taste delicious, but because they are a slightly tougher cut they do even better with slow cooking.Minimum 20kg
Lamb Shanks
Lamb ShanksThis meaty cut from the lower end of the leg is full of flavour and will become meltingly tender, and fall from the bone after long, slow cooking.Minimum 20kg
Lamb Pure Flap (Whole, Sliced or Diced)
Lamb Pure Flap (Whole, Sliced or Diced)Lamb flap is a popular and economical choice of cut. Flavoursome due to the high fat content. 20k/carton
Lamb French Racks Cap Off
Lamb French Racks Cap OffPossibly the most impressive looking item on any menu, due to its luscious morsels of filet along the rack. Take the cap off (layer of fat along the top) for a leaner cut of meat. Approx 20kg/carton
Lamb Neck (Whole or Chops)
Lamb Neck (Whole or Chops)Lamb neck is a fabulously underrated and inexpensive cut of lamb. It is a tough cut that needs very long, slow cooking and yields a surprisingly generous amount of meat once tender. Minimum 20kg
Lamb French Cutlets (Trimmed)
Lamb French Cutlets (Trimmed)Sweet, meaty lollipops. The French trimming involves stripping back the bone of any skin or meat. It leaves the cutlet looking very chic and perfect for presentation in a restaurant or function. Minimum 20kg
Lamb Loin Chops
Lamb Loin ChopsLoin chops are the Porterhouse steaks of the lamb world; tender, best when cut thick and grilled, and appropriate for any occasion. Approx 20kg/Carton
Sheep Hearts
Sheep HeartsA cheap product, hearts are best when braised, however can also be grilled roasted or sautéed. A popular item within the international community.Approx 27.20kg Cartons
Sheep Tounges
Sheep ToungesOwes its popularity to its pronounced flavor and its unique texture that melts in your mouth. Perfect for braising.Approx 25kg/Carton


MarylandsChicken Maryland is a great chicken cut, as it is moist and tender. Fabulous in casseroles and stews or seasoned and grilled or fried. 13kg ctn
Tender-basted Rotisserie Chickens (Size 14)
Tender-basted Rotisserie Chickens (Size 14)These pre tender-basted chickens are perfect for use in rotisserie, often found in supermarkets, popular fast food restaurants and are also suitable for oven baking. 8 Birds/carton
Chicken Thigh Bone In
Chicken Thigh Bone InChicken thighs might not look as neat as breast or legs, but this darker meat has a particularly good flavour and stays juicy. Reasonably priced, thighs are a Chinese favourite and are tasty roasted and braised.13kg/Carton
Chicken Breast Mince
Chicken Breast MinceChicken mince can be used for rissoles, burgers, meatballs, or cooked and served in an Asian salad. Try also using chicken mince instead of beef in tacos, enchiladas, sausage rolls or meatloaf. Minimum 10kg
Large Pot Roasters (Size 27/28)
Large Pot Roasters (Size 27/28)The mama kakaruk. Very large in size and perfect for pot roasting and mumu.Approx 13kg
Chicken Mixed Cuts
Chicken Mixed CutsCan’t choose just one delicious chicken product, why not go for a mixed carton of wings, thighs and drumsticks.6x2kg/Carton
Chicken Breast Meat
Chicken Breast MeatAn economical choice as it includes a variety of different sized cuts of chicken breast.Approx 15kg/Carton
Chicken Thigh Fillet (Skinless/Boneless)
Chicken Thigh Fillet (Skinless/Boneless)Darker and more succulent chicken meat with a wealth of deliciousness.4x2.5kg/Carton
Chicken Size 10, 14, 22
Chicken Size 10, 14, 22Economical, easy, delicious. 1.35 - 1.5kg Birds. 7 Birds/Carton, 5 Birds/Ctn
Chicken Breast Fillet (Skinless/Boneless)
Chicken Breast Fillet (Skinless/Boneless)Popular, lean and versatile source of protein.4x2.5kg/Carton
Chicken Wings 3 Joint (Premium)
Chicken Wings 3 Joint (Premium)Baked, Grilled, Stewed or BBQ, Chicken Wings are a crowd pleaser.13kg/Carton
Chicken Giblets
Chicken GibletsA popular international food, gizzards are economical and in some countries considered a delicacy. Very tasty deep fried.15kg/Carton
Chicken Drumsticks
Chicken DrumsticksHave the finger food element of wings, but with more meat.13kg/Carton or 6x2kg/Carton


Pork Spare Ribs (Whole or Individual)
Pork Spare Ribs (Whole or Individual)Inexpensive and full of flavour, spare ribs can be grilled, barbecued, roasted or slow-cooked. Sold as a whole rack, or cut into individual ribs that have been trimmed. Chopped up spare ribs can be added to stocks and stews to add flavour and 'body'.Approx 15kg/Carton
Premium Double Smoked Bacon (Sliced or Whole)
Premium Double Smoked Bacon (Sliced or Whole)Food Pro Premium Bacon is delicious and doesn't have the fishy taste that a lot of PNG bacon does. Produced from premium pork and naturally smoked, Food Pro Bacon is the best in town. Approx 10kg/Carton.
Ham Double Smoked Premium
Ham Double Smoked PremiumPremium cured and naturally wood smoked Champagne Hams, very juicy and delicious. Perfect for sandwiches, salads or toppings on pizzas. Approx 5kg/Ham.
Sliced Ham Steaks
Sliced Ham SteaksPork leg cuts are moulded into a round plastic casing and presented in a whole log. This allows for ease of slicing on demand. Perfect for quick lunch meat. Minimum 10kg. Please advise thickness required.
Pork Whole Legs (Trimmed)
Pork Whole Legs (Trimmed)More economical then the loin, a whole pork leg makes an impressive roast which then serves as delicious lunch meat. 9kg - 11kg/Leg and Approx 20kg/Carton
Pork Leg Chops
Pork Leg ChopsJuicy and delicious, pork chops are a popular choice for grilling, stewing and roasting. Minimum 10kg
Pork Steaks (Rind On)
Pork Steaks (Rind On)Although not as popular as beef, pork steaks are a great alternative. Crispy Pork skin is magic and pork can be tender and juicy. Minimum 10kg
Pork Belly Whole or Sliced
Pork Belly Whole or SlicedPork belly is boneless cut of fatty meat from the belly that is enormously popular in Chinese and Korean cuisine and is growing in popularity as a fine dining dish in western culture. It has a lovely texture and is delicious especially when cooked slowly.Approx 18kg/Carton
Pork Loin Chops
Pork Loin ChopsA tender cut, pork is the perfect canvas for big, bold flavours.Minimum 10kg
Pork Diced (Boneless)
Pork Diced (Boneless)High quality, lean choice, no wastageApprox 18kg/Carton
Pork Collar Butt
Pork Collar ButtPork collar butt, is from the thicker part of the upper shoulder. It has more intense marbling and therefore tends to have a higher fat content than other cuts of pork, keeping the meat moist while cooking.Approx 18kg/Carton
Pork Shoulder Chops
Pork Shoulder ChopsThe perfect canvas for big bold flavors. Suitable for roasting, grilling or frying.20kg/carton


Image Coming Soon
Veal Casserole SteakMuch cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Minimum 10kg
Veal T-Bone
Veal T-BoneMuch cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Minimum 10kg
Veal Schnitzel
Veal SchnitzelMuch cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Minimum 10kg
Veal Topside Roast
Veal Topside RoastMuch cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Minimum 10kg
Veal BBQ Steak
Veal BBQ SteakMuch cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Minimum 10kg
Veal Rump Steak
Veal Rump SteakMinimum 10kg
Veal Tenderloin (Boneless)
Veal Tenderloin (Boneless)Much cheaper then beef and comparably as lean as chicken or pork, but still very tender, veal is a staple in classic French and Italian cuisine. Approx min 10kg/Carton
Rack Of Veal (Frenched) Cutlets
Rack Of Veal (Frenched) CutletsCheaper then beef, but yet so tender, veal is the perfect canvas for adding flavor. Frenched racks are impressive at any gathering and our vacuum packed rack of veal is expertly frenched and ready to prepare.Approx 10kg/Carton
Veal Mince
Veal MinceVeal Mince is a lean, healthy, and perfect option for making any red mince dishes, including meat balls, or used instead of beef for Spaghetti Bolognese.Minimum 10kg
Diced Veal (Boneless)
Diced Veal (Boneless)Diced veal is the perfect lean meat for a range of classic dishes including long cooked stew and pies. Minimum 10kg
Veal Osso Bucco
Veal Osso BuccoA Milanese specialty of cross-cut veal shanks, perfect for slow-cooking recipes that make the meat tender and succulent.Minimum 10kg


Whole Turkey - Sizes (kg) 3.5, 4.5 & 5.5
Whole Turkey - Sizes (kg) 3.5, 4.5 & 5.5A festive season favourite. Each bird is approximately 3.5kg - 6.5kg (depending on size required) and will feed approximately 8 persons (size 3.5 bird).2-4 Birds/Carton (dependant on size of bird)


Continental Sausages
Continental SausagesWe make the wide range of continental sausages. Delicious range from; - Copacola, -Cumberland, -Weisswurst, -Brawurst, -Krakowska, -Boerewors, -Kransky Plain & Cheese. Call our sales team today and place your order.Approx 10kg/ctn
Salami Pepperoni
Salami PepperoniSalami Pepperoni with its rich spice flavored is a dried sausage and comes in whole or sliced. Idea for pizzer toppings, sandwiches and quick snacks. 10kg/15kg CARTONS
Smoked Sausages (Range)
Smoked Sausages (Range)A range of different cooked and smoked sausages including Cabanossi, Cheese Kransky and German Sausages. Please contact our sales team to see what is available today. Minimum 10kg
Vienna Frankfurter
Vienna FrankfurterFrankfurters can be simmered, fried or grilled. Serve as a snack or in a hot dog with your favourite mustard.3x5kg/Carton
Chipolata Sausages
Chipolata SausagesOne of our favorite items bought by customers. Delicious hand made mini sausages, using only the best of our natural ingredients. Ideal for cocktail parties and big breakfasts. 10kg/Carton
Chicken Loaf
Chicken LoafThe most convenient form of protein for lunch menus, our chicken loaf is top quality and is ready to slice. Alternatively request for our butchery to slice and vacuum bag it for you. Minimum 10kg
SaveloysA PNG favorite, we think our Saveloys are the best in town. Absolutely delicious. 3x5kg/Carton
Gourmet Sausages (Beef / Pork / Chicken)
Gourmet Sausages (Beef / Pork / Chicken)We have been having a lot of fun here at Food Pro, creating a range of delicious Gourmet Sausages including: - Traditional Cumberland - Linguica - Chicken Tandoori - Beef and Pork Burgandy Wine - Spanish Chorizo (Beef and Pork) - Curry Beef Speak to our sales team to see what's available today. Approx 15kg/Carton

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